Charts in Gadgets

I suggest to implement the following feature:

Allow for additional customization of chart size and label rotation inside of Gadgets, in addition to the four sizing options available.

A typical use case might be:

Currently if there is a large amount of information displayed in a chart on a Gadget, the display is cut off (categories on a bar/column chart). Changing to ‘wide’ wont solve the problem. If the user could fill the space of the canvas with as much of the chart as they needed that would be ideal.

For the chart labels, if they could be rotated to display vertically and the chart size would increase to allow for the longer vertical word that would allow for better visibility of the label. Right now if there are many bars showing on the chart the horizontal labels run together and cannot be read.

Hi Bill!

thank your very much for your suggestion!

If you don’t mind i would like ask whether you could provide a screenshot or photo of the mentioned behavior (cutting off information and/or not readable contents)?

Greetings from Lake Constance

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