Chart with multiple Y-Axis scale

I would like to know if it is possible to have a chart, mainly a Line/Symbol chart, with multiple Y-Axis scale.




We offer a wide range of different types of charts to choose from.

The various types of charts, and how they can be created can be found here. There you will also find the documentation of the Multi-Series Line Chart, which you could use for your requirement.

Hope this helps.

Hi thanks for your answer.
I’ve tried but what I need to have is something like this:

Is it possible?


What would be feasible would be two axes. One to the left and one to the right. A secondary axis can be switched on in the diagram properties in the “Chart” tab.

With the “Axis Assignment” property, you can determine to which axis the value is assigned to.

I have attached a sample for the demo: (47.6 KB)

The sample can be opened with the help of our demo application “DemoApplication28.exe” in the subdirectory “Sample Application” via “Reports”.

Ok, thankyou, I will do some test using the 2 axis

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