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Change Ruler Units from mm to inch

(Kevin Pagliuca) #1


I’m a Cabinet Vision user. List & Label Version 21 is incorporated into the latest version (11) of Cabinet Vision. When I bring up the List &Label Designer within Cabinet Vision, the number system defaults to metric. There is no obvious way that I can find to change it to imperial (for instance changing the ruler from mm to inch). The support folks at Cabinet Vision say they are unaware of how to change it. However when I read the List & Label 21 Designer Manual there are multiple illustrations that show the ruler, page size, etc., in inches. So that leads me to conclude that the number system in List & Label is configurable to either metric or imperial units. How can I change from metric to imperial?

(Günther Schwarze) #2


You should contact your vendor. It’s a simple option setting in List & Label, if they however chose not to make it configurable to you as an end user there’s no way to change this from the “outside”.


(Kevin Pagliuca) #3

Thank you