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Case$ Listing Returning All Values

I have a list of values I want to return separately, so I am using the function “Case$”, combined with “Join$”. This method works well at returning any value in the list, except the first value. When I enter “0” as value in the first argument of “Case$”, it returns every value in the list, instead of just the first one. When I enter a number other than “0”, it returns the corresponding value. How can I return the first value in the list, and only the first value? I have included a sample of the function below:

This returns all values in the list ====> Case$(0,Join$(Field,"|"))

This returns only the second value in the list ====> Case$(1,Join$(Field,"|"))

I was unable to reproduce this issue. Attached a project file for our DemoApplication. I’ve used Case$(0,Join$(Customers.CustomerID, "|")) in the right column of the footer, and the result is as expected:


Can you try to reproduce your problem with the attached project?
JoinCaseTest.srt (29.9 KB)

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