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Bit and Char data types ignored

Hello, I develop with dBase Plus and MS SQL 2012 . When I use a query that is used in developing a list report, all the Bit and Char columns are ignored and are not available in the designer.
I have already changed all my nvarchar columns to varchar and stopped using ADO queries because these don’t work.
Is there a problem that SQL 2012 is not compatible with LL20?

Correction: it is Bit and Char data types being ignored. Sorry.


I have now tested using a SQL2008 database on a different server with a table containing nchar and bit columns. LL20 just ignores them.
How can I report on a Boolean field from a MS SQL database?
I have tested with Boolean data from dbf files and this works.

The LL20.CC is a sample how you can bind dBASE-Data to List&Label. This Interface supports only native dBASE tables and fields.
But because it’s in sourcecode you may easy add more functionality. To support more field-types add the needed code to the DefineData() function and it will work.

I’m working on an enhancement for the LL20.CC that will include support for more fieldtypes.

Notice: If you’re using ADO you have to change your datasource objects from BDE access to ADO access!.
Don’t use DATABASE class but ADODATABASE class.
Dont use QUERY class but ADOQUERY class.

As I know LL20 has no problem with any database, In addition to some older applications with native dBASE tables (via BDE) I’m working with Firebird and MS SQL (via ADO) and it works fine.

Excellent. Thanks.
I am now getting all my data fields into LL20 for ODBC.
However, no fields are being passed for ADO.

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