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Better support for single threaded DBs

Currently I only work with SingleThreaded = true.

I can use multi threading, but I need to prepare a new data base connection for each thread separately. The problem is LL doesn’t notify me that it tries to launch a new thread to access my DB.

OK even this can be managed. I can keep information in the thread local storage. So I know when I get the first call. But in this case I get a problem in the cleanup. I allocate data for the new thread but in this case I need the information that LL stops accessing the DB via the this thread, so I can do some cleanup. Or when the thread dies.

There is no event that is called upon termination of a thread.

2 simple events would be a great help. Or just one with the information. DB-Thread starting. and DB-Thread ending. With this events it would be possible to prepare everything for a multi threaded access.


As discussed with our support team, we’ll be working towards a reliable usage of Dispose() for disposable ITable implementors. This seems to be the cleanest solution.