Azure Virtual Desktop + RDP printer redirection names + Thermal Label Printers + List and Label

Good morning,

I’m having a big problem with redirection of thermal label printers under MS Azure Virtual Desktop (Windows 11 Enterprise Multi-session) + Remote Desktop Easy Print or Official PCL6 driver (but if use the manufacturer’s driver to carry paper rolls or additional trays…) with Brother QL-820NWBc label printer or similar + RDP connection.

The main problem is that when the printer is redirected (RDP) the printer name always changes with the session number.

Ex: Brother QL-820NWBc (redirected 1), Brother QL-820NWBc (redirected 2), etc.

In Powershell, get-printer -name “Brother*” | fl

Name : Brother QL-820NWBc (redirected X)
Type : Local
PortName : TS001
DriverName : Remote Desktop Easy Print

The names of the redirected printers are also in regitry :

We use the “Combit List and Label” software to edit the labels but with this problem, it is no longer able to detect the configuration and the name of the correct printer and the prints no longer work correctly because the name of the printer changes every time.

I have already tested with “Printerceptor”, TSPrint, Ezeep (ThinPrint), VBS batches(objPrinter.RenamePrinter), PowerShell (Rename-Printer), etc. and for the moment no solutions.

Do you have an idea or miraculous solution please ?

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Hello Ricardo, welcome to our forum.

Which version of List & Label is being used in this case?

List & Label has an internal logic that recognises whether a “redirected” printer is being used. If this is re-registered with a different name (usually only “redirected X” changes), then this is recognised accordingly and the “new” printer is used for the further process - there is then no fallback to the Windows default printer. An existing p-file file is then required.

In order to be able to analyse the behaviour more precisely, we need more details. To do this, we would like to ask you to open a support case in the support portal and refer to this thread. We can then of course share the cause/solution with all users here in the forum.

Thank you very much.