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Anyone here using Previous or PreviousUsed

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I’m trying to make a report which only displays records with changed values.
We have a member table and a memberhistory table and if changes to adress i
would like to print one - and only one record from memberhistory table.

I’m using a hide condition in order to only get the data lines which
actually has changed values (records are created in memberhistory for
reasons other than adress changes). It has been set on the report container
memberhistory data lines. So far so good, I only get the changed records
But… When I try to use previous or previousUsed, both returns the same.
And they return something, even if I haven’t had a valid data line printed
yet. In my example i print for member # 9, and the first line in
memberhistory tables show that prevous(MemberHistory.member_no) is 9, even
if it’s the first line.

Any suggestions how to make sure that only one record from memberhistory are


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“Steen Holm Pedersen” <stonie@dont_want_nosp…> skrev i en meddelelse

Others must have had simular expierences with added fields. I tried adding
an added field to my project, the value returned includes records not

How do one completely ignore a record?


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