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Allow variables in sections (back side / toc)

If I include another report (=Baustein) into a report I have full access to my variables, table objects, designer functions and objects.

However, in a section I don’t have anything of the above. I suppose a completly new List&Label instance in created for this purpose.

I can use a back side to print a static pdf on a report but what I can’t do is print a custom pdf which is related to the data (i.e. a assembly instruction for a product which is printed on the first page) which renders the back side pretty much useless for anything else than terms and conditions.

It would be great if I could access my variables/table objects in the back side section.

If that’s not possible it should at least be possible to pass variables to the back side like in a drill down report or you should provide a callback (event) which allows me to create the list & label object used for printing myself.

Actually, this is already in the product. You can use LL_OPTION_PARTSHARINGFLAGS to change this behavior. The following values can be 'or’ed:


They decide if the variables should be available in the Table of Contents, Index or Backside print.

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