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Allow export of complete DIN A4 page with labels to SVG

I suggest to implement the following feature:

Allow export of complete page with labels to SVG

A typical use case might be:

I created a label (typical avery 30x20). I set the copies to 55. In the designer-preview I get a complete DIN A4 page with 55 labels (5x11). But when I export to SVG via the designer export-menu I only got one label exported to the SVG file. I only can select one position for export. It would be great to select all lables of the page to get exported into the SVG file.

As a workaround I currently export to PDF, I get all 55 labels on one page, import the PDF into Inkscape to save as SVG. It works but it is a long way to go…

Actually, this should work already. You just need to set the “Label Copies: Number of Copies” property in the Designer accordingly:


This gives the following preview:

and - if exported to SVG - the required result:

Attaching a project file for the demo application.

Item label with picture.lab (13.9 KB)

Ahh, ok, I see.

My fault was, that I was setting my copies in the project standard layout printer settings. You were setting in the general project settings. Now it works! Thanks.

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