Allow direct save to OneDrive, GoogleDrive, iCloudDrive, DropBox, you name it

I know it is not a direct part of LL to implement saving on any cloud storage but think of it as an added bonus like your e-mail component.

As reports (PDFs) get bigger and bigger and often e-mails are not ideal, when sending to many users or you have to somehow withdraw a report, it would be great to have a standardinterface to save files to cloud storage providers.

Outlook 2016 allows automagically to store attachments on a cloud drive. See:

I know it is a lot of work to do, but I think many people will be grateful to you, if you could offer such a possibility. It somehow belongs to your strong exporting capabilities in LL! I think for the LL developers this will be a quite but rewarding and interesting struggle with the world of REST APIs :slight_smile:

Actually, there are a couple of SDKs for the different cloud storage providers out there. The following articles might help:

However, having this built into the product would of course be a nice addition as well.