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adjusting text


I want to adjust text in a TexBox.
So I use the property OptimalFit of Line wrap but I have the following problem :
I want that the text becomes smaller in the textbox if it is to long but not that it becomes bigger.
Is there a mean to do it ?
Thanks in advance

Hello Dominique,

thank you for your post.

I think you are searching for the property ‘Shrink’ for the option ‘Line Wrap’.

You will find detailed information in your designer manual:

The content will be shrinked if needed, so
that the paragraph can be displayed
completely without a wrap.

Best regards,

Patrick Preuschoff
Technical Support
combit GmbH

Hello Patrick,

many thanks for your answer.
I had already tried with the option ‘Shrink’.
But in paragraphs, I have Linefeeds, and when I use Shrink, all lines of the paragraph are compiled in one line.
I do not know if I’m clear.

Anyway thank you

With regards

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