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Adding a layer in Label Explorer results in this layer being added to all labels

When adding a layer to a label to create a second page.

This seems to have an adverse effect where each time you then go back into a label and this doesn’t need to be the same one.
This layer seems to have been added to the other labels. So each one would print an extra page. This then happens, again and again, each time you open and close the label for editing.

Even after removing the layer (See above), the issue still persists. Even if you click no to save possible changes, this seems to still take effect and you’re left with a page that you can’t remove as the layer now does not show.

Hi, and welcome to our community. I was unable to reproduce this effect. Can you provide a step by step description how to reproduce this with one of our demos? You might also want to include some screenshots.

Hi There,

Where would i be able to find on of your demos to replicate this on?

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Simply download the trial version from https://www.combit.com and use the provided demo application for a repro. Let me know if this doesn’t work for you. Alternatively, you may add a number of screenshots here to provide your steps :slight_smile:.

Hi Jocen,

Many thanks for your reply. I believe i may be over complicating the matter, would it be possible to explain how to add an additional blank page to a label?

I’d use the “Minimum Page Count” property and a card type project for this. Quoting the Designer manual:

Minimum Page Count

With index card projects, this property specifies the minimum number of pages that
are to be printed automatically. For example, if you want to output a four-page form
with different layouts for each of the four pages, you create a layer for each page and
position the objects on these layers as required for the output. Specify “4” as the
minimum page count.

The trial comes with a sample that demonstrates this feature (the Barcode sample)

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