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Add fonts to List&Label

(Guest) #1

I’d like to use Arial Narrow in List & Label, but it’s not available there. Is there a way I can add fonts myself?

(Guest) #2

No, but it should be available (it is here).

Are all other fonts there?


(Guest) #3


As far I know, LL use fonts that your system have.
In my system I am able to use Arial Narrow (between many others).

(Guest) #4

Of course, LL only uses fonts already present in the OS. If you need more, your application can temporarily add fonts - but it’s a nontrivial action IIRC and has some security/right issues.


(Guest) #5

In word I have much more fonts then in L&L…

(Guest) #6

only in the font name combobox, or also in the system’s font dialog (using the button of the “font” property when it’s selected)?

Is the charset set correctly in the sub-properties? The font list only shows fonts matching the charset…


(Guest) #7

Problem was indeed available fonts on the server I was working on (different from my normal server), so I just copied my fonts to windows/fonts on the other server and then it’s OK