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About Charset of LL created PDFs

We are working in Russian 1251 charset.
My LL 18 Standard Ed. generate normal russian language files, but in UTF-8.
So, my users have no ability now to search any cyrillic words in it and can’t copy - paste selected cyrillic texts.
How can I set “windows 1251” for LL Export to PDF job?

My settings:
LlXSetParameter(hJob,LL_LLX_EXTENSIONTYPE_EXPORT,“PDF”,“Export.Path”, cExportPath)
LlXSetParameter(hJob,LL_LLX_EXTENSIONTYPE_EXPORT,“PDF”,“Export.File”, cFileName + “.pdf”)
LlXSetParameter(hJob,LL_LLX_EXTENSIONTYPE_EXPORT,“PDF”,“Export.Quiet”, “1”)
LlXSetParameter(hJob,LL_LLX_EXTENSIONTYPE_EXPORT,“PDF”,“Picture.BitsPerPixel”, “1”) // 8- 256 Colors 4- 16 Colors
LlXSetParameter(hJob,LL_LLX_EXTENSIONTYPE_EXPORT,“PDF”,“Verbosity.Drawing”, “1”) // 1-Object as Picture 0- Ignore object
LlXSetParameter(hJob,LL_LLX_EXTENSIONTYPE_EXPORT,“PDF”,“Verbosity.Text”, “1”) // 1-Object as text object 0-Ignore object 2-Object as text object and picture. 3-Object as picture
LlXSetParameter(hJob,LL_LLX_EXTENSIONTYPE_EXPORT,“PDF”,“Verbosity.RTF”, “0”) // 2-Object as picture 1-As unformatted text 0-Ignore object
LlXSetParameter(hJob,LL_LLX_EXTENSIONTYPE_EXPORT,“PDF”,“PDF.FitText”, “1”) // 1-Font size may vary to fit text to available space 0-Text is output in original font size
LlXSetParameter(hJob,LL_LLX_EXTENSIONTYPE_EXPORT,“PDF”,“Export.Quiet”, “1”) // 0-Export with user interaction (dialogs) 1-No dialogs or messageboxes will be displayed


Don’t know about LL18, but in LL22 you’d either choose CID or Type3 as font embedding option for the PDF export. Then you’re generally able to work with Unicode characters. See the PDF.FontEmbeddingMode (from my head, don’t have the docs right know) property.


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