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View Installation Logs

Valid from Report Server 1
A log file is automatically created during the installation of the combit Report Server and can be analyzed in case of problems with the installation. This log file will be created in the temporary directory of the Windows user selected for the installation (C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp). This directory is also accessible by entering "%TEMP%" via Start > Run or in the address line of the Windows Explorer. The log file will have a generic name with the format "MSI*.log" while * describes a random number and letter combination. The modification date of the log file should match the time of installation so that the log file can be found if there are multiple logs.

If you want to run an installation explicitly as an administrator (right click on the installation package > Run as administrator) or if you are using an older Windows version which does not support the Windows Installer version 4.0 (older than Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008) it is useful to temporarily allow logging for all Windows Installer based setups. For this purpose the following registry keys and / or -hives must be created:

New String: "Logging", Value: "voicewarmup"
New DWORD-Value: "Debug", Value (hexadecimal): "7"
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