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VC-Compiler Error C2039: "Ll...A" is Not a Member of CLul

Valid from List & Label 8
When using the OCX with Visual C++ you might encounter the compiler error C2039. An example would be something like

testDlg.cpp(107) : error C2039: 'LlDefineVariableExtA' : is not a member of 'CLul'
lul.h(15) : see declaration of 'CLul'

despite calling correctly the LlDefineVariableExt() member function of the OCX. The reason is that by default all functions taking a string are defined in both an "A" and a "W" version in the cmbtl8.h header, depending on UNICODE being defined or not. Thus, LlDefineVariableExt() is converted to LlDefineVariableExtA(). To change this behaviour, include the following #define into your code:

Please take care to #define this before including the cmbtl?.h header (especially when using precompiled headers).

? = Version Number

IDKBTE000537 KBTE000537

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