Report preview centred in screen and zoom greater than 100%

Recently I upgraded from version 17 to 27 and some clients have complaint because before, when they previewed a report with a zoom greater than 100 (normally 130% or more), they saw the top of the report and they would move down to see more details when necessary. Now, with version 27, the report appears centred in screen and the header is not visible, so they have to move up to the top.

Is there any config parameter that controls this?

I use the VCL component and the normal loop for previewing. Basically:
PreviewAppearance->ZoomPerc= 150;

Thank you in advance.

we could reproduce the behavior when the IncrementalPreview property is set to 0. Can you check this once in your code, or set it explicitly to 1 if necessary. Does the behavior still occur then?

Hello Thomas.
First of all sorry for my late response, I’ve been off for a week.
I have checked and, yes, when I set IncrementalPreview to 1 the problem disappears.
I remember setting IncrementalPreview to 0 when I upgraded from version 10 to version 17 because of the issues I got, but my tests now (version 27) have gone well, so I’ll give it a try.

Thank you very much for your support.

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