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Report Design - Columns with Nested tables

Attempting to create a report as follows

main table, first column is a nested child table. this works fine

second column should show multiple fields from the main table on separate rows.

had this working as well by adding all the fields and using linefeeds.

but now the second column is supposed to look as follows


but each of the fields should have a conditional bolding applied that can be changed by the user. I can apply conditional bolding but not to parts of the column. is there a way to do this?
again the first column contains a child table and i want these to be next to each other and the row expands to fit these



You could use a nested table for the second column as well where you can just place the fields and headers to your likings - also this would allow for a formula to determine the boldness via your application or by handing over variables.

thanks that seems to work.

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