Radiantq FlexyGannt and List&Label

Hello team,
In our software project we are currently using Radiantq control and List&Label controls. I need to print the Radiantq FlexyGannt control with List&Label. As far as I see the your document the list and label designer can take gantt value as parameter to bind data.

Could you introduce me to accomplish this scenario? How is it possible?
Best regards and wishes

If I understand correctly, the Radiantq component already renders a Gantt chart and you just want to add it to a report? Does the Gantt component export any kind of export (e.g. to an image format, preferrably a vector format like EMF)? Or can you draw into arbitrary DCs/Graphics? Which language are you using :slight_smile: ?

Yes correct,
We can take visual from Gantt. But it is arbitrary sized as you can guess :slight_smile:
It is bitmapsource typed.
I use c#.
The real question I’m wondering is that , Am I able to pass the Gantt object into List&Label control as parameter?
If answer is “yes” then How?

please let me know this.

I’d go ahead and convert the BitmapSource to a Bitmap - here is some code to do so. Once that works, you can pass the Bitmap object like so:

LL.Variables.Add("GanttChart", ganttBitmap)

right before starting the Design and Print process.

Yes, I also thought that.
Well then,
If Image sized arbitrary such as (2000,100) , (3000,2000) etc.
Does the List&Label control has a feature to scale this pictures?
I mean that the A4 size (1123,794) as far as I know.
If the image of GanttChart size exceeded the A4, can the List&Label control set for A4 paper format to print?

Yes, LL will scale the image to fit the rectangle you’re assigning to it. You have to make sure the aspect ratio kind of fits and the resolution is not too far off, of course.

that’s exactly my problem. Because my resoultion is dynamic. So LL should crop the image when exceeded the A4 size or particular size.
is it possible?

Yes, cropping would also be possible if that is really feasible. I attach a screenshot showing the relevant settings and the result:

I did not understand what you mean. Because I want that the LL should automatically set the image for A3 or A4 . I should not crop the image manually.
For example size of exported image of Ganttcontrol is 2590,4000
it should be set Automatically for selected format.
So LL will crop pictures then it should show preview. Arbitrary example
2590,2000 -> pic1
2590,2000 --> pic2 would be
If it is still needed more clarification please let me know.

I also got this error message when I added the New LL report from the toolbox by ctrl+Shift+A section.


Sounds like the reporting wizard has not been installed correctly. I’d suggest to just simply call LL.Design() from code, see my Gist here:

Alternatively, you can try to register the wizard manually. Simply open a VS Command Prompt with admin rights and call

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin\gacutil.exe" /i  "C:\Program Files (x86)\combit\ll24\Samples\Microsoft .NET\Assemblies\Visual Studio Reporting Wizard\dll\combit.ListLabel24.ReportingWizard.dll"
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin\gacutil.exe" /i  "C:\Program Files (x86)\combit\ll24\Samples\Microsoft .NET\Assemblies\Visual Studio Reporting Wizard\dll\en-US\combit.ListLabel24.ReportingWizard.resources.dll" /f

You might need to adapt the paths to match your installations.


I am waiting still an answer for this question.

Maybe you omit this unintentionally.

Yes, no intention, thanks for the follow-up. I’d suggest to just try this out. LL can scale images to fit, keep aspect ratios when scaling or not and crop. So as long as your source is not - extreme example - 16px x 16px, you should be able to get whatever your require. You can test it with the demo application - just take an arbitrary, fixed sized image and try the different settings I’ve shown in my screenshot above.

After registration by using GacUtil.exe I got this error message.

As I know, The Wizard supports currently only WinForms application with C# or VB.NET. What are you using?

Have you tried to proceed as @jbartlau suggested?

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