Problem Ll 19 on Xp

I have another problem with version 19 on only one machine.
Our program cant load CmLl19.Dll.

DebWin - nothing show.
Operation system : Windows Xp - reinstaled today.
Only one difference with others machine : procesor AMD.

But previous version od LL works OK: LL13, 14, 15, 16.

Any suggestion ?

Hi Adrian,

thank you for your post.

Unfortunately we don’t know any reason for such a behavior. Maybe the tool ‘depends’ ( can help to analyse why the DLL cannot be loaded.

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH

I was check in this program and his only show standard unknown libraries like ieshims.dll and some other (tomorrow i send full report because this station is to far from me - 160 km). When i check cmll19.dll on other machine dependencywalker show this same libraries (not found) but program load LL19 ok.

Program works ok when using LL16.Dll - but we cannot set previous version on this machine because we created new templates in new version - and … you know.

Maybe its too old :wink:


Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Build 2600
Service Pack: Dodatek Service Pack 3
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2200+ ()
Motherboard: (nVidia nForce2 Ultra400 (Crush18) + MCP2)
Memory: ()
Hard Drive: SAMSUNG SP1654N (152,627 MBytes (160 GB))
Optical Drive: HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR-8520B (CD-ROM drive)
Display Adapter: Unknown
Audio Adapter: nVIDIA MCP2 - Audio Codec Interface
Network Adapter: nVIDIA MCP2 - LAN Controller
Monitor: SAMSUNG SyncMaster 713N


CPU ID: 00000681
Extended CPU ID: 00000781
Code Name: Thoroughbred
CPU Stepping: B0
Core(s): 1
Thread(s): 1
Current Frequency: 1804.1 MHz = 13.50 x 133.6 MHz
CPU Core Temperature: N/A
L1 Cache: Instruction: 64 KBytes, Data: 64 KBytes
L2 Cache: Integrated: 256 KBytes


Chipset: nVidia nForce2 Ultra400 (Crush18) + MCP2
Slots: 5xPCI, 1xAGP v2.0
USB Version Supported: v2.0
Super IO/LPC Chip: Winbond/Nuvoton W83627(H)F/G-UD-A
BIOS Manufacturer: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
BIOS Date: 07/29/04
BIOS Version: 6.00 PG

Hard Drive

Drive Model: SAMSUNG SP1654N
Drive Controller: E-IDE (ATA-7)
Drive Serial Number: S0GEJ1PP103426
Firmware Revision: BV100-50
Drive Capacity: 152,627 MBytes (160 GB)
Temperature: N/A
Cache Buffer Size: 8192 KBytes
Number of Cylinders: 16383
Number of Heads: 16
Number of Sectors: 554
Sectors Per Track: 63
Native Command Queuing: Not Supported
TRIM Command: Not Supported
Write Cache: Present, Active
S.M.A.R.T. Feature: Present, Inactive
Security Feature: Present, Inactive
Removable Media Feature: Not Present, Disabled
Power Management: Present, Active
Advanced Power Management: Not Present, Inactive
Packet Interface: Not Present, Disabled
Look-Ahead Buffer: Present, Active
Host Protected Area: Present, Enabled
Power-Up In Standby: Supported, Inactive
Automatic Acoustic Management: Supported, Inactive
48-bit LBA: Supported, Active

Optical Drive

Drive Model: HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR-8520B
Device Type: CD-ROM drive
Firmware Revision: 1.00

Display Adapter

Video Card: Unknown
Video Chipset: nVIDIA GeForce2 MX100/200 (NV11DDR)
Video Memory: 32 MBytes of SDRAM
Bus Type: AGP 4X
Video BIOS Version:
Video Chipset Revision: B2
Memory Bus Width: 64-bit
GPU Temperature: N/A
Memory Clock: 71.6 MHz

Audio Adapter

Audio Adapter: nVIDIA MCP2 - Audio Codec Interface

Network Adapter

Network Adapter: nVIDIA MCP2 - LAN Controller
MAC Address: 00-04-61-74-57-4D
Maximum Link Speed: 100 Mbps


Monitor Name: SAMSUNG SyncMaster 713N
Serial Number: HSGY900282
Date Of Manufacture: Week: 36, Year: 2005
Max Vertical Size: 27 cm
Max Horizontal Size: 34 cm
Standby: Not Supported
Suspend: Not Supported
Standard Colour Space: Not Supported
Preferred Timing Mode: Supported
Default GTF Supported: Not Supported

Time of this report: 2014-01-14 13:01:41

I will check Ll19Sp1 tommorrow - maybe its help…

I have error numer:

13.01.2014;22:57:44: Error load List&Label library CMLL19.DLL : DOS Error : -1073741795 : MMBIO_RDPTcp2

Hi Adrian,

thank you for your post.

Please make sure that there is no anti virus software or other background processes that prohibit the access to the modules.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, then we will need additional information that cannot be exchanged through the forum platform. I’d suggest to open a support case via our support portal at Please copy any pertinent information from this thread into the case description.

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
combit GmbH

Hello Adrian,

according to combit this issue will be resolved with LL 19 ServicePack 3. You can try to contact support referring to support case W201403180017 to get some updated DLLs.

Kind regards

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