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Printing in a specific printer DBASE

(Guest) #1

Hello my name is Ivan and I am of españa.
I can stamp in a specific printer from an application he(she) begins in
DBASE 2.6.
I want to be able to send the List and Label 13 for which printer I want
to stamp(print) without the selector goes out.
I have tried to use the function LlSetPrinterInPrinterFile but on having
executed he(she) says to me that it(he,she) does not exist.

Thank you, excuse for my English

(Guest) #2

if it is working on you development system then customer is probablly
missing redistributable dll’s. put them all in shared folder or in folder
from where your app is runninig.

C:\Program Files\combit\LL12\Redistributable Files