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Print picture only once


I am re-designing our quotes and we would like to print the signatures of the responsible persons. I have those as jpg files and would like to integrate them into the page. I made a layer for the introduction and signatures with following condition:
NOT IsNullOrEmpty(sAuft_text1) AND (Page()=1 OR Continued())
Everything seems to work fine, text and the other elements are just printed once - except that the images are printed on every page after the first occurance. Is there a setting for images like “page break” is for text to prevent multiple occurances?
Or can I solve that with SetVal/GetVal?

What is the recommended way to handle e.g. introduction elements that should only be pritned in the beginning?

Hello Josef,

the best way to solve your task would be to use a table with Free Content with two line definitions. In the first line definition we place the text and in the second line definition the signature. In this case, no matter how long the text is, the signature would always be printed at the end of the text. Thus the appearance condition that you use would no longer be necessary.

How such a report could look like can be seen in our demo application under Invoices “Invoice with cover letter.inv”. You can find our demo application in your List & Label installation directory under “…combit\LLL24\Demo Application\DemoApplication24.exe”.

Kind regards,