Multiple PDFs from one report container

Hi, I’m new to using the software and I’m having a few issues that I’m hoping someone might be able to help with:

We have 2 databases containing information to track orders/build progress of the orders. I’ve linked these together and have created a report to show how the build progress for each order is going and this is where I’m stuck.

I’ve added a filter to select each order separately however we have hundreds of orders and each day I need to convert these to PDFs. At the moment to do this I need to filter each order individually, export to PDF and then change the filter to the next report etc.

Is there a way I can export all orders onto separate PDFs at the same time (possibly under the order number)?

Hopefully that makes sense and any help anyone can provide will be really appreciated.


Hi David,
welcome to the List & Label forum.

You can set the AutomasterMode property to “AsVariables” and use the QueryFileNameForExportJob event to create individual previews and then convert them to PDF format.

Under the following contribution (german forum) you find further information to this, this should be simple for you to translate, there you find also a code example to this topic.
You can find the article under the following link:

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