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Introduce a multi pass print mode in case of DataProvider printing

It would be great, if i could use a function PassIndex() similar to IssueIndex() in all formulas. For example i would like to change the header text of a table column for a second pass. Issues don’t work as they only offer to change appearance conditions. In this case, I’d require full flexibility to change the contents in a second pass.

Due to the nature of the Issue feature, this is unfortunately not feasible. The issues are not created by an actual second pass (which wouldn’t be supported by a number of programming languages) but rather by checking the condition for each entire object when previewing or printing. Thus, contents cannot be changed at all. That’s why the function is only available for the specialized appearance condition. A workaround would be to place an object twice with the required different contents and assign an IssueIndex() dependent condition to both.

Would it be possible to implement this for .NET with data providers? In the first pass, you could determine the number of issues and then repeat the printing process as often as needed. It’s not a fine workaround, to place a table object (in my case with detail tables!) twice or more times on the print template only to replace a text in a column header.

This would collide with the idea behind issue printing - it’s a fast way to get watermarks etc. printed. However we could surely add a new, analogous project parameter “pass count” in addition with a new function “PassCount()” that would then perform this action. If you’d like, I could reopen this suggestion with a changed wording then.

Yes, please reopen.

Done - thanks for your suggestion, excellent addition :).

We plan to tackle this feature for LL26

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