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How to reset currentlineindex counter when using GroupHeader

I am using LL25.

I’m using currentlineindex counter as a dataline text filed to function as a record row counter. However I am also grouping data through the use of the GroupHeader.

Is there a way I can reset the currentlineindex back to 0 upon each Group call so that the counter can start counting again and show just the number of rows per grouping?

I’m fairly new to using combit, so I’m open to suggestions if there are better ways of doing this.

You’d rather work with a group sum here. I’m attaching a modified template for the demo application (“Simple List”). Via Project > Sum Variables I’ve added a counter:


which ist what is output as first column (+1, as it is 0-based):


The tricky part is resetting the sum, this is done in the group header’s properties:

This gives the required result:


Here’s the template, change the extension to rpt:

Item report with grouping.txt (80.8 KB)

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This is exactly the help I needed. Thank you Gunther!

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