Following Pages Error while adding 2nd table

Hi, I’m having an issue adding a second table that specifically outputs on its own page. I’ve tried both page break properties which doesn’t work, I’ve tried nesting the tables, using various table function to attempt the data lines to print together before 2nd table starts printing. FYI the following pages property does not work for any object. The only way I found to force a second page is to add a temp txt that is sequentially linked but if I nest the table after that text it breaks and results in infinite print.
Does anyone have another possible work around?

Can you try to set the “Minimum Page Count” property (available when selecting the project node in the object window) to “2”?That should properly force a second page. Then assign your second table to the “Following Pages” layer. NB, this will only work with NET or Delphi. Also, you can have more than one table in a single report container which is easier to handle most of the time. Some links:!Documents/minimumpagecount.htm

thanks for the reply. I’ve tried this, i don’t know if I’m using old software but this does not work. Also I don’t have the option for a report container, the version I’m working only has the basic objects. Thus I get either half of both tables on multiple pages or the entirety of a single table and no second table. Thoughts?

Your vendor needs to handle this specifically thren. Either by offering a report container or by using special APIs to deal with multiple tables.

This heavily depends on how LL is integrated into an application and can only be tackled by the developer, unfortunately.