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Declaring Barcodes

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Valid from List & Label 9
Barcodes are represented by an own class LlBarcode in List & Label's .NET component. The barcode contents of the chosen barcode type are passed on to the class constructor. When possible, necessary formatting for specific barcode types is automatically carried out. Various areas are separated by the pipe character ("|") when dealing with the barcode EAN13, for example. A query can take place, via the method IsWellformed (statically and dynamically implemented) which looks to see if the barcode is correctly formatted. If the barcode was created correctly, it will simply be passed on via the method LlDefineVariable as well as LlDefineField.

The following example instantiates a new barcode (in this case type: EAN13) and passes it on to List & Label as a variable:

LlBarcode bc = new LlBarcode("123456789012", LlBarcodeType.EAN13);
LL.Variables.Add("myBarcode", bc);

Note: The previous method of integration still functions since it has already been integrated by current List & Label developers. It therefore isn’t necessary to make changes in this area.

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