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Can I use the "Link URL" field to jump to a page in a PDF?

(Mario Veraart) #1


I construct a lot of intermediate files and combine them into one and convert to a PDF.
At the top of the PDF is a Table of Content with page numbers.
In Adobe Acrobat you can define anchors in the PDF and jump to these pages with links on the TOC.
Can I use the “Link URL” attribute of the “page number field” in my TOC.lst file to create a link in the PDF that jumps to a page number in the PDF?
If possible how do I define the anchor in my *.lst files?

The “Link URL” works nice for HTTP URLs in the Preview and in the PDF.


(combit Support - Thomas Metternich) #2

Hello Mario,

thank you for your post.

If you took over our table of contents logic, it would automatically work. For more information, refer to the Designer Manual (Table of Contents and Index). You can’t do it directly.

Best regards,

Thomas Metternich
Technical Support
combit GmbH

(Mario Veraart) #3

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the information.
I was able to create a mypdf.toc file and I can set the “Table of Content Level” property of an element in all the *.lst project files (20 in total) I use to create the intermediate *.ll files (can be up to 1000).
But now every *.ll file has its own TOC page as its first page. Or when I do it conditionally only the first report has a TOC that only applies to the first report. All the TOC entries in the other *.ll files are not in the TOC.

Is there a way to use the *.toc file on a collection of *.ll files that are merged into 1 .ll file?