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Allow to store PDF.PDFTitle with template file

(combit Team) #1

Now PDF.Title="" can be set either in code or in Designer>page layout>Media>PDF (but this sets it only for the for that one computer)

If it is stored in template (ideally under Project properties), that would be nice. 

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #2

Actually, the chosen export settings become part of the printer settings file. Make sure to ship it along with your report and you should be fine.

(Lank J) #3

That’s true, thanks.
But it can’t process any formulas, it is only static text. So either it should be able to process formulas or you can add it under project properties (with ability to process formulas) or some add new Project property like “UseProjectDescirptionForTitle” which will use Project Description there (of course project description have to be able to handle formulas)

I mean, if this can be changed by application starting LL by PDF.Title, it should be possible to change it dynamically in designer.