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Idea Place

Charts with logarithmic representation on x-axis (1)
Ability to embed a signature using a signpad like signotec.com (1)
Upon changing Data Lines in table contents, function to adjust Header Lines automatically... (1)
Implement guidelines or policies for validation (2)
Endless pagebreaks if an object is to big for a page (8)
Display multiple Y-values for the same X-value in a line/symbol multi-series graph (1)
Improve the keyboard interface in the dialogs of the LL-designer (3)
User Variables - Allow renaming them (5)
Zoom to mouse location when using CTRL+Mouse Wheel (Designer+Preview) (2)
Web Reporting with ASP.NET Core (2)
Send calendar based report to recipient from given column in datasource (1)
LL.CurrentDisplayedContents (for use in Crosstab Conditional Formatting Condition) (1)
Enhance basic-functionality of the RichTextControl (1)
Enable Multiline Report Parameters (1)
Report Parameters: Restrict or validate user input (1)
easier design with non-tabloid JSON data (fields vs. variables) (2)
Allow multiple levels inside a gantt diagramm (1)
Print job Break Before Outputting Object (1)
Page Numbers in Preview Windows (2)
Counterpart for LlStgsysAppend: Split preview files (2)
Nested Tables in table headers and group headers (2)
Convert Preview-Files (2)
Create new Includes directly from WebDesigner (2)
Extend Collapsible Areas Feature to Groups (2)
Complex table structures with a lot 1:n relations are loaded slow in the designer (2)
Report Designer on a Mac (1)
Please add direct Thunderbird support to MailJob Provider (1)
Width of project description in SaveAs dialog (2)
Crossreference/Field-Search in LL Designer (2)
Add options to customize the .NET preview control (winforms) (2)